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Frampton Directory



Parish Council ordinary meetings will be held in Frampton Village Hall

on the 3rd Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November starting at 7:30pm.  The Annual Parish Council Meeting (AGM) and the Annual Parish (Village) Meeting are held in May.


Minutes, Agenda and Finance for 2018

Agenda for Monday 19th November 2018

Minutes of the ordinary meeting on 17th January

Minutes for the ordinary meeting on 17th September


Frampton PC finances 2018/9


Accounting Statement for 2017/8

Annual Governance Statement for 2017/8

Internal Audit Report for 2017/8


Minutes for 2017

 Ordinary meetings - January  March April  May July September  November

Annual meeting (AGM)    Parish meeting


Receipts and Payments since May 17



Minutes for 2016

Ordinary meetings - January  March April  May July September  November


 Annual meeting (AGM)    Parish meeting



Minutes for 2015:

 Ordinary meetings - January  March  May  June  July  September  November


 Parish Meeting  Annual Meeting (AGM)  Extraordinary Meeting June


  Financial Report for 2014/5



Minutes for 2014:

 Ordinary meetings - January March May July September November


 Annual meeting (AGM)    Parish meeting



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